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Hi-Spectrum Display Case Lighting

PROMOLUX Lighting International makes specialized lighting for food display cabinets, combining the merchandising benefits of superior balanced color rendering with improved food safety for supermarket displays.

Food marketing applications for Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps include produce, fresh meat and seafood displays, bakery and dairy displays, beverage displays deli and food service displays and floral displays.

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For example, Promolux high definition lamps produce consistently appealing fresh fruit and vegetable displays that draw customers and stimulate sales. Buyers first judge the freshness of fish and seafoods by appearance and select the freshest looking colors. Shoppers anticipate desired beef, pork and poultry quality on the basis of natural appearance.

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Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

HiSpectrum Display Case Lighting

Meat products displayed under lights suffer losses of flavor, color and texture from lipid oxidation, a photochemical reaction between light and fat lipids which leads to rancidity. Meat with high fat content, such as ground meat, sausages, and bacon, are particularly susceptible to lipid oxidation, and have a much shorter shelf life than other meats, even when frozen. Sausage and other ground meats are more susceptible to spoilage because the fats are evenly dispersed throughout the meat.

Traditional fluourscent lamps used for commercial display lighting emits a wide spectrum of emissions. Radiation of invisible infrared and ultraviolet rays accelerates food deterioration and portions of the visible light spectrum such as strong yellows and greens wash out colors and diminish consumer appeal.

Promolux retail food lamps emit lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in supermarket perishable food departments. For the most natural appearance of foods on display Promolux moderates the levels of the harsh visible yellows and greens, which tend to produce unappetizing harsh light by emphasizing the blue portions of the spectrum so that natural colors remain true under the full balanced color spectrum of Promolux lamps.

Promolux food safe display lighting can instantly bring new life to the natural colors of fresh perishable foods arranged in your retail marketing displays.

The pioneer in true and natural color definition lighting, Promolux Lighting gives retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for fresh vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. Full color balanced food safe lighting in your produce, meat, seafood, deli and bakery showcases is the best way to show the full of fresh natural blues, greens and reds, true yellows and orange colors in all your food displays.

Why install Promolux in your Produce Display Cases?

1. True Color Visual Appeal

In the produce industry, eye appeal is buy appeal, and the most successful produce displays are also the most colorful. It is therefore vital for fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments to be displayed under lighting that reveals the true colors of the produce, but does not damage sensitive perishables.

Most supermarket fluorescent lighting is skewed to enhance green and yellow, which causes other colors such as red and white to appear discolored or not as bright as they should be. Under normal supermarket produce display case lighting, strawberries and radishes often look dull and cauliflower looks yellow.

Under Promolux commercial display lighting, all colors are more vibrant and appealing.

2. Prolonged Shelf Life and Less Waste

The costs of trimming produce displays can account for major retail losses, particularly in leafy greens and vegetables that wilt and dry out easily.

Independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Zaragoza confirm that refrigerated food products displayed under Promolux lamps suffer less heat and radiation damage, and can reduce trim required to maintain attractive fresh produce displays. Promolux lamps use Safe Spectrum technology to reduce radiation and prolong shelf life of all perishables.

3. Enhanced Food Safety

Fruits and leafy green vegetables displayed under any kind of lighting fixture will always suffer damage from the effects of heat and light radiation, caused particularly by the infrared, ultraviolet and certain portions of the visible spectrum. Sunlight and conventional fluorescent lighting can initiate greening of potatoes and over-ripened fruits and spoilage before they can be sold.

Meats, seafoods, deli and prepared food service items benefit from safe lighting that helps reduce photo-oxidation, discoloration and hot spots.

Less heat and light radiation means better food safety. Approved by health officials for all fresh food displays, Promolux food safe lamps filter damaging radiation, protecting the fresh appearance and flavor of delicate food items, and ensuring food safety.

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Greening of Potatoes Due to Solanin

Ultraviolet radiation and heat from supermarket fluorescent lighting initiate chemical reactions that cause potatoes to turn green and accumulate the poison solanine. Even small quantities of this poison can be lethal. Light is unnatural for tuber vegetables that grow in the ground such as carrots, onions, potatoes, and parsnips, and can affect their taste and appearance, and cause them to continue to grow in the grocery store or begin to decay.

Premature Ripening from Ethylene Gas

Ideally fruits and vegetables should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from the adverse effects of light. Light from natural and artificial sources accelerates the ripening process of fruits and vegetables, causing bananas, berries, and apricots to become overripe very quickly, and bean sprouts to grow past their ideal tender stage. In the ripening process, ethylene gas is released, which in turn causes nearby fruits and vegetables to ripen more quickly, and eventually decay and rot before they can be sold. PROMOLUX true color spectrum lamps alleviate such produce display lighting problems.

Shrinkage in Produce Department Salad Bars

Leafy green vegetables decay and wilt prematurely under the heat from regular supermarket produce display case lighting, causing supermarket salad bars and buffets to lose their freshness and appeal. Grocery store produce shrinkage from dehydration can be as high as $1 per foot per day.